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"I'm talented and flexible. I could play Hamlet, even though I look like King Kong."
-- Mr.T (12/26/83-1/2/84) People
"I am the best bodyguard, because I'll take a bullet, I'll take a stab wound, I'll take a hit
upside the head; I'm like a Kamikaze pilot; The President got shot because his men relaxed."
-- Mr.T, in Sept. 1983 issue of Playboy
"I don't wear gold no more. The gold is in my heart... The gold couldn't save me."
-- Mr.T as he continues to fight cancer
Interview from Entertainment Weekly
Here's a few sounds that I've found. I'll add more when I find good ones.
Mr.T pities the fool.
Mr.T won't take orders from no chipmunk!
1 out of 1 Dr. T's recommend it.
The A-Team introduction.
The A-Team theme.
Some advice from Mr.T.
Some more advice from T.
T threatens Murdock.
Sounds from "The Toughest Man in the World"
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Posted on 2/28/99, and is courtesy of Mr.T Resource Archive.
Did you know? Most Mr. T fans know that our hero had his own action figure during his portrayal of B.A. Baracus on the A-team, (there was even a foot tall one that talked!) but the full range of Mr. T merchandise doesn't stop there. Mr. T had his own breakfast cereal. He put out a children's album called "Mr. T's Commandments", plus he had his own brand of gold chain bubble gum, Shrinky Dinks and even Mr. T air fresheners!

Posted on 9/28/98, courtesy of the Resource Archive
Did you know? Mr. T had his own 1-900 number?  It's true! You can find it printed on the back of 'Mr. T & the T-Force' comics! The ad invites you to call and hear his motivational message, and even leave him a message of your own in return!  I have no idea if this number is still operational (probably not, since the last issue I've seen was May 1994) but if someone wants to give it a try, the number is: 1(900) T-TIME-94 (only 3.95 per call - kids under 18 must have parent's permission).

Posted on 5/7/98, by me
Did you know? Mr.T once tried out for the Packers. It's true, but a knee injury kept him from a career in green & gold and lead him to a career in acting.